(SPOT.ph) The impact of Van Gogh can be seen decades after his death. There are innumerable artists, be it from the world of film, fashion, interior design, or culinary, that take inspiration from the famous  Dutch Post-impressionist. Adding to that long list of Van Gogh-inspired experiences can be found at Casa San Pablo, a cozy bed and breakfast in Laguna with a gigantic The Starry Night-inspired swimming pool design.

Starting May 29, Casa San Pablo will accept day guests who want to take a dip in their artsy pool. There will be two packages, namely the Escape Package (P500/head) and the Dip and Go Package (P500 for two pax).

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Check out this Van Gogh-inspired swimming pool at Casa San Pablo in Laguna:

An Mercado Alcantara, the owner of Casa San Pablo, got the idea of this artsy pool through one of her trips abroad. She tapped one of the best artists in Laguna to create a The Starry Night mural and use the swimming pool floor as its gigantic canvas.

The pool was previously exclusively available for checked-in guests, but the owners decided to welcome day guests.

The Escape Package (P500/head) includes access to the swimming pool, club lounge, lunch, and a snack. But if you only want to swim, there's also an option to avail of the Dip and Go Package (P500/two people) which only includes swimming in the pool for five hours.

For those picking the second package, Casa San Pablo does not allow outside food or drinks inside the vicinity. It would be best to eat right before swimming, or if the budget permits, order straight from the Casa San Pablo café.

Ready to swim in The Starry Night this summer? Casa San Pablo's swimming pool has limited slots, hence it would be best to book in advance to secure a slot before driving all the way to this part of Laguna. To place a reservation, contact (0917) 812-6687.

For more information, check out Casa San Pablo's Facebook page.

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